About The Waste Land Tarot

A card game based on T.S. Eliot's poem

IDT Master's Thesis project by Natalie Funk

Thesis Committee
Ian Bogost (chair)
Janet Murray
Blake Leland

The Waste Land Tarot is a Flash game combining symbolic elements from the Tarot deck with mythological and literary elements of T.S. Eliot's Modernist poem, "The Waste Land." Mediated by an animated version of Madame Sosostris, the interactor is invited to explore juxtapositions of words and images that highlight archetypal themes.

Play The Waste Land Tarot . - Please be sure that you have the recent Flash 8 player (www.adobe.com) plugin for your browser installed, as the game will not behave properly without it. If you can't get Flash 8 right now, try this sample Flash file for a quick look.

A PDF version of the game design documentation (1.2 MB) is also available.

This link gives further background on my research at the beginning of the project.